About Louis Spetrino & Spetrino Pictures


Spetrino Pictures, is owned and operated by Louis Spetrino.  Louis developed a passion for cinema at a very early age.   He wrote his first screenplay when he was just ten years old.  Spetrino graduated from the University of Hartford with a degree in Film in 2001.

Louis has written several feature and short films.  His first short film, "The Battle" was accepted to film festivals all over the country.  His other features range from horror films, to his most recently completed feature "incomplete" which is a high school centered character piece in the vein of "The Breakfast Club."

Louis began Spetrino Pictures in 2007. He formed the company when he began filming weddings professionally. While researching videographers for his own wedding, Louis saw a void in the offerings.  There was nobody that did cinematic work, at a reasonable price.  He sought and succeeded to fill that void.  Weddings were the main focus of Spetrino Pictures for 10 years. However, in 2017, after filming more than 400 of them, Louis decided it was time to focus on other types of storytelling.

Louis has provided video and media services to the board of education in Stratford, CT for over 8 years. He started with primarily filming meetings, but saw a void there also. In 2016 he proposed to do more in depth work, and do things such as highlight student success strories, and events, etc… To this day Louis continues his work with the board of education in a variety ways. Working with the kids in the district and with his own children, Spetrino began to develop new programs.

In 2017 Spetrino started offering the Elementary News Network as an after school enrichment program. Kids read of a prompter and report the news of the school among other segments. Spetrino has since started a version of the program called Stratford One in Stratford and has Brain Break: The Show, a version of the program that will be distributed nationally.

A year later Spetrino began to offer Movie Mania. This is another enrichment program for kids, in which they get to make a short film. The idea for this was inspired by his own kids wanting to learn how to make movies. This program is now being run in five towns.

Spetrino is currently writing a feature film version of “The New Kids” a script used in his Movie Mania program, that he will be filming soon, and will feature his son Christian as the lead.