Active development

Spetrino Pictures is always in active development on feature film projects.  Currently Louis is writing a script for a kids film that will be utilized in the Movie Mania program. 

Spetrino is also developing a Mulit-storyline feature length character drama, titled "Greener Grass," that he hopes to direct in the spring of 2018.  More information will be released on this film soon.

Our most recently completed feature, "incomplete" is available to view in its entirety below.

Incomplete synopsis: 

Mr. Perdita despises his "for the good of the family" job as a video production teacher.  He longs to be a filmmaker that "makes a difference" with his movies.  He devises a plan to get himself noticed.  

He selects six students, that have a history with one another,  to take part in an after school video project.  

Their task is to discuss and interview one another about their past, present, and future.  What they don't realize is that there are hidden cameras in the room capturing their every move.  

What Mr. Perdita doesn't realize is just how much of a difference he's about to make in all of their lives.