Movie Mania - Enrichment Program


Bring a little bit of Hollywood to your school with one of our Movie Mania Enrichment programs.

A behind the scenes shot from one of our recent productions.

A behind the scenes shot from one of our recent productions.

Our program is offered to schools all over Connecticut. Our program works well for grades 3-6. While we can run the program one time a week over a set period of time, the best results come from a more condensed time frame. Our “Movie Marathon” method of running the program 4 days in one week, or two days a week for two weeks, work best. This compressed schedule resembles that of an actual film much more closely. We also find that the momentum we gain allows us to get more accomplished in less time.

We offer two different options to chose from:

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Movie Mania - Scripted Option

Students will use one of our scripts to make their film. Our scripts are ensemble pieces, so there is no “lead.” Everyone has roughly the same amount of lines & screen time.

We have several scripts to chose from, and they can be adjusted to have anywhere from 8-14 kids in the film.

We generally start the session with a table read, and then assign parts randomly. In addition to acting all of the kids will rotate through “behind the scenes” jobs.

Please watch the trailer below from one of our scripted films.

Movie Mania - Script to Screen

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With the directors guidance the students develop a movie from script to screen. They are guided through coming up with a concept, & developing it into a story. They get to chose their characters names, and backgrounds, and everyone has a say in how the movie unfolds. This option allows kids more of an opportunity to express themselves creatively in a group setting.