Movie Mania


Kids love watching movies, and now they get a chance to STAR IN ONE!  


Feature 1

We offer the Movie Mania program for children ages 9-12 at our studio.  We produce an original short film each session. Your kids will have a "Screaming" good time acting in and working behind the scenes on an original short film. The entire film is produced on our Green Screen sound stage.   Please contact us for more information.


Movie Mania Feature - After SCHool Program 

Bring the Movie Mania to your school.  We will film an original feature film during the program!  A red-carpet premiere will be held once post production has been completed.  

Feature 3

Celebrate your child's birthday the Hollywood way!  Your child will be the star, and their friends will be the supporting cast in an exciting original short film.  The film will be edited while the kids eat and open gifts, and then it will premiere at the end of the party.